The Inland Waters Festival is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main program.

Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv are Estonia's largest inland lakes, connected by the River Emajõgi.

This unique waterway is like an uncut diamond, as it lacks a connection to the Baltic Sea, making it inaccessible to many sailors.

To highlight the importance of Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv even more, a 12-day inland waters adventure is organized on the two large lakes and the Emajõgi River, which connects them.

The 12-day inland waters adventure is supported by events in various landing spots and ports. Workshops, competitions, and concerts are organized, and regional dishes are prepared and tasted.

Historical ships - Barge on Lake Peipsi and kale on Lake Võrtsjärvi - are sailing at the head of the festival, and they will come together in a joint water parade in Tartu. All boat owners and submariners can join the historic ships by pre-registration.

Lake Võrtsjärv
  • Võrtsjärv is the largest inland lake in Estonia. In terms of surface area, it is larger than all other Estonian lakes combined, excluding Lake Peipsi.
  •  Võrtsjärv is fed by 23 rivers, streams, or ditches, but water only flows out through the Emajõgi River."
River Emajõgi
  • Emajõgi is one of Estonia's largest rivers, ranking ninth in length in Estonia.
  • The Kavastu ferry is the only ferry in the Baltic States that can be used to cross the river.

Peipsi Lake

  • This sea-sized lake, which ripples along Estonia's eastern border, is the fourth largest in Europe and the largest in Estonia in terms of surface area.
  • Approximately 240 rivers and streams flow into Peipsi, but only the Narva River serves as its outlet.